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Now who doesn't love abit of marble? This funky geometric design answers to ALL your marble notebook needs. 


This handmade notebook is perfect for jotting down lists, remebering those forgetful dates and planning the week ahead in style. 


Handmade by the amazingly talented Evie Wright. We are delighted to be collaborating with local creatives that just have a passion for crafts. 


So what are you waiting for? Get yours and set off on a note making, list creating adventure. 

Marble Is Life

  • This notebook is handmade and hand bound by white thread. 

    Extra thick card acts as the front and back covers and you can expect good quality paper inside too.

    Size guide: 6X4 inches (larger sizes can be ordered via email)

    Plain paper throughout the notebook.


    Support small and shop handmade!

  • Orders won't be processed by our designer until after 23/11/17 but preorder now to get sample sale price whilst stocks last!